Qualitative Teaching Evaluations

“Although the class was very challenging and required a lot of outside work, I absolutely loved it. The way the class is designed with the lectures being applied to the group projects really made the class fun. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about the amount of work we needed to put into it, but now I enjoy working on every piece of our project and look forward to class and working more with it everyday. Prof. Weedwas such a great teacher and resource. You could really tell she knew exactly what she was talking about and was always willing to provide feedback and suggestions whenever needed. Plus, her examples and personality made the class engaging. This class and Prof. Weed really solidified my decision to pursue strat comm and I couldn’t be happier with the way the class went!”

“Unlike a lot of classes, this classes gave me the opportunity to complete assignments I could keep in a portfolio to forward on to potential employers. I found this to to extremely beneficial. A lot of classes assignments are only relevant to that particular class and cannot be applied to the outside world. In this class, we did research on real companies and created campaigns that companies could very easily use in their business. We also used a class blog which I can forever have the link to and forward on to employers as well so they can see my work.”

“I loved this class and I think Mrs. Weed will make a fantastic professor!”

“One of my favorite journalism classes. We did ‘quick fire’ challenges that made us think and act on real life pitches that could happen within companies.”

“I am really happy with the way Professor Weed breaks down the final assignment into several smaller assignments. It gives us the opportunity to receive feedback and make edits before completing the final, it also makes the final assignment more manageable and understandable.”

“She always gave clear and very detailed direction for assignments. The assignments were very beneficial and relevant. They were set up in a way so that they didn’t just feel like a typical project or assignment, but so that they felt like they were a real-life job. The evaluation of our assignments and work was always based on a rubric that she would give us before the assignment was started, and attached to our final project as well. She was always clear about where we didn’t receive points and why.”

“Mrs. Weed was very knowledgeable. She really explained everything clearly and put it in an organized and understandable manner.”

“I learned a lot of new things in this class and was challenged to think outside the box for campaign pitches. We were also encouraged in discussions to participate and tweet out anything we thought was interesting.”

“She was very knowledgeable. She always presented the material in different ways that would appeal to different learning styles. Sometimes we followed a powerpoint, sometimes we had open discussion, other times we watched videos and were assigned articles that were relevant to the class content. The course was organized as well. Any time there were changes or hiccups in the schedule, she adjusted accordingly. She was also very accessible and easy to communicate with on a last-minute basis.”

“She encouraged a lot of discussion and brought real world situations into the class which I liked and challenged me.”

“Teaching ways were challenging but always pushed me to produce something better or think in different ways. She was very encouraging throughout class.”

“I really enjoyed how Amanda added a critical thought process to the class through case studies and current ads/trends – and apply the subject matter in different ways. We applied concepts in a realistic way. Discussion and participation was encouraged daily.”

“Professor Weed definitely challenged me throughout this course. She gave a lot of different examples for almost every topic, which helped me think about the subject matter in new ways. And she did encourage discussion and participation. Our class participated a lot and it wasn’t like pulling teeth like in most classes.”

“Yes, everything was clearly explained as for what she wanted out of us. The projects were very helpful in giving us a first look at exactly what we are doing in this subject and how you must go about getting research and putting it together.”

“The course was well organized. I appreciate the small projects throughout the semester, because they helped us work toward our final creative brief. Amanda was extremely knowledgeable, and made learning the material exciting.”

“She was very good at explaining how everything fit together in the subject matter and made it really interesting. I liked how we got hands on experience and still a lecture as to what we’re doing.”

“Professor Weed is a phenomenal instructor who really knows her stuff. She’s relatable, down-to-earth, funny, and always willing to help. I really feel like I learned a lot of valuable information from her class.”

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