Invited Presentations

Early Career Guidance: Landing the First Faculty Job and Beyond. (August, 2015). Presented at the AEJMC annual convention, San Francisco, CA.

This professional development panel discussed the unique challenges and opportunities faced by new Ph.D.s during their first job search and in the first years as junior faculty.  Amanda brought her expertise in personal branding, networking, and online marketing to the panel.

Research-based insights for teaching Millennial students in advertising and public relations. (August, 2014).  Presented at the AEJMC annual convention, Montréal, Canada.

The #SocialClassroom: How social media can enhance the learning experience.

Abstract:  Millennials are digital natives that incorporate social media into their worldview. It’s not just what they do but part of who they are. How can instructors successfully harness social media to enhance the education experience? Are there ways to use social media to illustrate teachable moments? Should we be “friends” with students? Do we tweet, post, pin or share? Weed will discuss how instructors can practice what they teach by embracing Web 2.0 in and out the classroom. She will discuss existing research, as well as her current study of students’ and teachers’ value perception of social media as a pedagogical tool.

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