“Amanda Weed is an excellent teacher of record for undergraduate courses in both the strategic communication and news and information tracks at Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. She is well-prepared, with a thorough knowledge of both academic and practical aspects of her subject matter. She engages student interest and maintains high standards in the classroom. In addition, she is one of the most prolific scholars in our PhD program. She is on track to be an excellent candidate for an entry-level job as an assistant professor when she completes her PhD.”
Dr. Michael S. Sweeney
Professor and graduate director
E.W. Scripps School of Journalism
“Amanda Weed is a standout doctoral student at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism in Athens, Ohio.  She pours her considerable knowledge, heart and soul into teaching her classes, constantly seeking to keep her courses up to date in this ever-changing media environment. Amanda also has her finger on the latest trends in strategic communication, offering considerable professional experience in this area. She will make a superb colleague for faculty looking to add a junior member to their ranks, and her teaching power will be missed here at Scripps when she graduates in 2015.”
Dr. Aimee Edmondson
Associate Professor
E.W. Scripps School of Journalism
“Amanda Weed is not only a outstanding teaching colleague she is an outstanding research partner.  I’ve had the pleasure of writing, submitting and publishing refereed case studies with Amanda.  She’s smart, motivated and hardworking. Working with her was nothing but a pleasure.”
Craig Davis
Assistant Professor
E.W. Scripps School of Journalism


After taking two strategic communication courses from Professor Weed, I can say with confidence that she is not only a wonderful professor, but a great mentor as well. The two courses I took from her were formatted completely differently (one being a large lecture, and one being a small discussion class), yet she managed to create an environment that was conducive to learning, and welcoming to discussion. Outside of the classroom, Professor Weed embodies what it means to be a mentor. She always made time for her students to meet with her to discuss anything from class work to current trends in communications, and fostered genuine relationships outside the walls of the classroom. I truly believe her classes have prepared me to be a better communications professional, and I look forward to taking more of her courses in the future.”
Sydney G.
Introduction to Strategic Communication (Spring ’13)
Strategic Communication Theory and Research (Spring ’14)
Amanda Weed is one of the best teachers I have had throughout my academic career. I took her Strategic Communication Theory and Research class this spring. The way she teaches makes students want to learn more; she challenges students and pushes them to produce high quality work. Each reading, lecture, homework, and project students are assigned enforced what we were learning in the class and gave students a chance to apply what we learned to real life situations. You can tell that Amanda cares about her students; she is always willing to help in any way she can. After taking the class I feel I am more prepared for the working world of Strategic Communication and happy to know I have an amazing contact if I ever need help.”
Sara M.
Strategic Communication Theory and Research (Spring ’14)
“Professor Weed is one of the best Strategic Communication professors I’ve had thus far. Her class is structured so that it provides real-life, hands-on experience, which is extremely valuable to me as an upcoming senior who will be entering the work force soon. Learning about how to conduct primary and secondary research to understand the mindset of the consumer group gave me the tools to successfully contribute to any future campaigns I may be a part of during my career. Professor Weed is down-to-earth, funny, relatable, and really makes an effort to engage her class instead of lecturing at them. I truly enjoyed going to class and look forward to utilizing what I’ve learned after completing my degree and graduating.”
Kelsey T.
Strategic Communication Theory and Research (Spring ’14)
“Professor Weed is an incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and encouraging instructor, which she demonstrated particularly well in her teaching of Strategic Communication Theory and Research.  In this course, students were given the task of conducting secondary and primary research and then using our findings to develop a detailed and effective creative brief for a real client—all skills we will need to develop and use in a strategic communications position after graduation.  She holds our work to high standards but responds quickly with feedback on how we can improve as well as answering any questions we may have.  The work that I completed in Professor Weed’s class has prepared me for what lies ahead in my future in strategic communication and I am grateful to have had a professor who is so approachable, knowledgeable, and who encourages us to put in our absolute best effort to create the best end result.”
Holly C.
Strategic Communication Theory and Research (Spring ’14)
“I had Amanda as a professor for both Introduction to Strategic Communication and Strategic Communication Theory and Research and she has yet to let me down.  I enjoy her teaching methods.  In my Intro course, she was able to make a lecture hall of over 200 students interactive with her use of a Facebook page and connecting what we learned in class to the real examples of advertising through our favorite commercials.  In Strat Comm Theory and Research, she treats her students as real Strat Comm experts by having them research a specific demographic and conduct a PR campaign for a client. Amanda challenges her students by making them earn their grades, and for that, I highly respect her as an educator and as a professional.”
Kelsey M.
Introduction to Strategic Communication (Spring ’13)
Strategic Communication Theory and Research (Spring ’14)
“Professor Weed’s instruction of Strategic Communication Theory and Research was useful, challenging and beneficial to furthering my knowledge towards becoming a successful and contributing member to the industry.   By conducting my own research and preparing materials for “real” clients I was able to gain experience that will prove to be more valuable than a traditional lecture style course after I graduate.   Professor Weed puts her students first.   She responds to email questions promptly and while respecting deadlines, shows flexibility and understanding when necessary.   I am happy to say that after my completion of Strategic  Communication Theory and Research, I not only walk away with more information but with experience and the confidence to I know I can succeed. “
Jessica V.
Strategic Communication Theory and Research (Spring ’14)
“Strategic Communication Theory and Research was, hands down, the most practical and useful course I have taken here at Scripps (with regards to my major, Strategic Communication).  We had the chance to experience account planning first hand, as we worked with real clients in order to complete a series of extremely detailed orientated projects, including a final creative brief document.  Through her class, I was able to expand upon and utilize the knowledge gained from previous Strategic Communication courses.  Creative and innovative thought was both encouraged and appreciated.  She held us to very high standards, which challenged us to constantly improve the quality of our work.  Professor Weed is approachable, understanding, and is genuinely interested in helping students any way she possibly can.  Overall, I feel as though Professor Weed’s course was a hugely positive learning experience and growing opportunity, both as a student and as a young professional.”
Catherine M.
Strategic Communication Theory and Research (Fall ’13)
“Before taking Strategic Communication Theory & Research, I would say I just knew what Public Relations was on the surface.  After taking Professor Weed’s class, my juvenile definition was blown out of the water.  I learned the ins and outs of the strategic planning processes and what public relations truly meant.  The class went much further just reading and taking tests. We were taught how to research the demographics, psychographics, and media use of our consumers.  We were able to be hands on as if it were a real client.  We wrote papers on our consumers and clients that allowed us to deeper evaluate the research and results we were gathering.  This class didn’t feel like a normal class, it was a more open environment for us all to talk about the project.  After each lecture we would be able to implement what we learned that class into our paper and strategic plan.
Today I have a greater understanding of all the work that goes into a Public Relations agency and have a broader knowledge of the strategic communications process.  I talk about this class in interviews and to other students because it provided me with real world experience I am going to be able to implement into my internship this summer.  I have never learned so much from a class.  Professor Weed’s class reaffirmed why I chose Public Relations as my major.”
Carly G.
Strategic Communication Theory and Research (Fall ’13)
“Professor Weed was very knowledgeable, professional, helpful and available whenever you needed assistance.  In these classes I learned the meaning behind advertisements, the research process when it comes to creating a campaign and creative brief, the understanding behind persuasion and consumer behavior and so much more.  For it being her first year in teaching college students I was extremely impressed!  I’m glad that I took these courses because I’ve already applied her teachings in real life situations!”
Jennifer H.
Introduction to Strategic Communication (Spring ’13)
Strategic Communication Theory and Research (Fall ’13)
“It was in Amanda’s class with her guidance that I finally figured out what I want to do with my college career.  Her lectures were applicable to real life situations and every assignment helped our final project develop into something that I can now show future employers.  Her class was fun to come to, and it was great experience.”
Kate K.
Strategic Communication Theory and Research (Fall ’13)
“I took Professor Weed’s Introduction to Strategic Communication class last spring semester, and really enjoyed it.  I actually applied some of the promotional techniques she lectured on to my job.  I work at a model and talent agency as a recruiter, so I applied what we learned to new approaches for recruiting new talent.  I pitched these techniques to my bosses and they loved them!  They actually had me train our other recruiters on the techniques as well.”
Kelley N.
Introduction to Strategic Communication (Spring ’12)


Amanda Weed is a terrific servant of the wider discipline of mass communication. As vice head of the AEJMC Graduate Student Interest Group, she initiated, planned, and promoted the first-ever joint social with the History Division. This event was designed to build intellectual and professional bridges between AEJMC graduate students and one of the oldest divisions in our academic association. It did just that—and it built a sense of solidarity and common purpose between our members. What’s more, it was a fun event, with great food and door prizes in a terrific off-site location in Montreal where our members could enjoy one another’s company. Amanda is organized, self-starting, and strategic. I would love to have someone with her energy, vision, and efficiency as my colleague.”
Dr. Kathy Forde
Former Head, History Division, AEJMC
Partner on the 1st Annual GSIG/History Division Social, AEJMC annual convention, Montréal, Canada
Amanda Weed is a wonderful person to work with academically.  She is productive, efficient and exceptionally knowledgable.  When working with her, she not only contributes outstanding ideas, but also motivates others to the same higher-level critical thinking.  Co-authoring a paper with her was an experience I would gladly repeat.”
Alexandra Beauchamp
Co-author, Persuasive storytelling in the interactive age: A theoretical model explaining interactivity effects in 
     narrative persuasion
Presented at the AEJMC annual convention, Montréal, Cananda
Top three student paper, Communication Theory and Methodology Division

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